Bowen Benefits Case Studies

The Bowen Technique as used at Bowen Benefits Bridgnorth has many testimonials and research to endorse its effectiveness for Pain Relief, Stress Relief and Sports Injuries.

Migraines, girl aged 15, 3 treatments

D. was suffering from 3-4 migraines a week, feeling sick and unable to get out of bed until the attack had run its course.  After one treatment she had considerable improvement.  Although she very occasionally has an ‘aura’, she has not had another headache in the last 18 months since her third treatment.

Sciatica, man aged 40, 1 treatment

P. was unable to put weight on his right foot and was in severe pain from the buttock down the leg.  He was extremely tense.  I observed his body relax during the treatment and when he left he was virtually pain free and walking normally.

Anxiety & Poor Concentration, girl aged 9, 5 treatments

A. came with her mother complaining of feeling anxious about school, having nightmares, difficulty concentrating and making odd repetitive movements.  Session one and two produced considerable improvement in general anxiety and behaviour.  By session three she was much happier, more relaxed and able to get on with her schoolwork much faster and with greater concentration.

Medical Research Into Bowen Techniques

There are hundreds of medical articles on the effectiveness of the Bowen Technique including :

Effectiveness of the Bowen Technique: Amy Norman 1998 at the University of N.Carolina

Effects of the Bowen Technique on Autonomic Nervous System and the heart: Dr.Whitaker, MD

Bowen Technique for Back Pain and Other Conditions : Liz James 2008

Bowen Technique for Back Pain and Other Conditions : Anna Dicker – The Australian Journal Of Holistic Nursing 2005

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